Safe White Neighborhoods Are Racist/ Re Post

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Re-post from an email we received-

The link here is to a recent story about the governor of Mississippi and his reflection of his town during the civil rights era. As typical with anyone who makes the littlest statement that can be contrived as being for self preservation he is attacked full force by the left leaning mass media. Our resident analyst says-

“This attack on Governor Barbour is blatant anti white racism. It is nothing more than the mass media showing their true colors of hatred towards White society. The sad thing is that this is not a justified hatred, it is a hatred (and at many times a White self hatred) that was probably learned through years of conditioning not only in schools but by the propaganda of mass media. These people are the unthinking segments of society who now perpetuate the lies and hatred they themselves were told growing up. In essence they are completely insane. Just like a recent article written by Time Wise, their minds are so full of hatred towards White Americans that they fantasize day and night about the destruction of White society. They would rather take the chance of having a little White kid be raped, beaten and murdered in a multi racial environment then live in peace among his own kind. These people are so wrapped up in their own delusion of utopia that they cannot see reality for what it is. They are so obsessed with destroying White society that they actually become venomous towards any opposition and shriek and scream as if a preacher were trying to exorcise them of demons! It truly is a mad mad world.”

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