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Label 56 now has the debut full length in stock from Greece`s Pride and Pain.  This cd is a really cool blend of punk, RAC, and Oi! and has multiple vocals including female. To find out more about this band, read some interviews and sample some music check out their site here.

“Maybe the title of our demo is something simple for others but for us have much different meanings. We mean that when you fight for something it’s because you have a different philosophy from the masses and not because you are the bad, the ugly, the troublemaker or the monster. You don’t make ”noise” just for the angry fashion of some subculture. We mean also that for what we fighting for is the same speaking of our great ancient philosophers. They was against ultra materialistic life (watch the rotten modern man.), they believe in the power of their race and they search for the truth in the nature, in the psychic power of the man away from any dogma and religion. They always SEARCH for any questioning of the life and this is fucking good for us. If we leave the searching and philosophy then nothing serious can hold us in this sick world! Action for us first is to thing alternative from the masses and fighting with all the ways for your believes. To have all kinds of battle everyday, in the streets, in the work, with the speech, your behaviour or with your fists (in dangerous situations.). When you stay away from the most of the sick or useless things and motions, that the most people (zombies.) take a this is also an action! When you put your time, your money and your work for your believes without have a profit, then you are active for sure. Many people only set down and talk talk.blah blah.when you are away from them and you are active is good for you and your soul. Of course life is full of action! Whole world is also an action under battles! Irakletos says: ‘War, father of all’..”

Pain Inside Pride Outside (cd 2010)

1. Intro – Also Spicht Zaratustra
2. Θάνατος Πριν Την Ατίμωση (Death Before Dishonour)
3. Αδικία (Injustice)
4. Homo Σάπιος (Homo Rotten)
5. Στο Κάλεσμα Τους (InTheir Call – new version)
6. Λευτεριά Στους Εθνικιστές (Freedom To Nationalists)
7. Παγκοσμιοποίηση (Globalization)
8. Εκκλησιαστική Μπίζνα (Business of Church)
9. Soping Therapy
10. Παράσιτο (Parasite – new version)
11. Standing Proud
12. Greed Surrounds (Another Mans Poison cover)
13. Ανίκανος Αστός (Unable Bourgeois)


Tell us about the band’s name and why you chose it?
I believe these two words have a deep meaning for us and our ideals and the same time are so simple words and you can listen them every day, the fact is who are REALLY inside in these meanings. PAIN because we watch our Nations, Races, society and human behavior going with breakneck speed against the wall. Because we feel the decay and apathy every day, in our works, in the streets, everywhere. But except the PAIN inside us, we have also PRIDE for our ideals, because we are not part of this filth world, we are the outcasts of this madness and we are very proud for our actions against all these, we don’t hide. This was our though for our band’s name and that’s the title of our new cd.

Main themes approached in your songs?
We don’t have the typical radical lyrics but more clever and we talk about subjects about society’s problems from a NS side of course. Songs about the destroy of nature, liberal propaganda in our Nations (TV, schools, books, newspapers, etc), ALL religions who wants blind people without an open soul for searching & corrupt priests, faithful comrades who make their words an action hand & other who are in the system’s cells just for their ideals, the ugly daily bourgeois men with all this lust for material goods and money, our Nation’s Heroes from the past (Leonidas & Spartans, 1821 revolution against Turks, etc) they set us free from enemy and thanks to them we have a glorious past to talk against present days (now we are the shame of Europe, a neo-Ottoman state), songs about our pride & our fight, pederast scum and finally lyrics against globalization – our Nations and our independence are the weapons against this system!

Cd available now for $10 at

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