Daniel Wrestrom March: 10 Year Anniversary

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On December the 9th it will be ten years since the young nationalist Daniel Wretström, 17 years of age, was brutally murdered by a multi-ethnic gang. According to tradition Swedish nationalist gather every year to remember Daniel and all others who been victimized by the multicultural society. This year the protest will be held on Saturday the 11th of December.

The protest is preceded by a large information campaign. The first part of which is made up by a leaflet campaign. At least 185 000 leaflets are soon reaching the Swedish citizens in the first part of this, the largest campaign preceding the Salem protest ever made.

The leaflet tells the story about Daniels tragic fate, but it also gives up to date information about the prize the Swedish people have to pay for the multicultural experiment.
In 2008 61% of all sex crimes were committed by non-Swedes. The non-Swedish sex offenders in gangrapes with two offenders or more totals up to 82,5%. In crimes with three or more offenders 100% were non-Swedes. Usually the victims however are Swedish.

Research done in Norway also sates the same facts. The offenders are usually non-European and the victims are of native European descent.

Robert Vesterlund, one of the founders of Salemfonden, comments:
What we saw ten years ago we also see today. After Sverigedemokraterna (a populist party critical to immigration) entered the parliament in September this year, the media and the politicians are making daily attacks on Swedish nationalists, just as they did before the murder of Daniel.
We do not turn a blind eye to the heavy prize that the Swedish people now are paying for the multicultural experiment of our politicians, as exemplified by the rape statistics . A prize that is not acceptable!

This is not in any way unique for Sweden, the same problems exist in all European countries. The rapes, the assaults, and the homicides. Kriss Donald is one example across the sea, but European people of all nations have their own examples.

It’s now ten years since Daniel Wretström was murdered and we are facing the eleventh memorial. With torches and drums we march from the gathering at Rönninge to the site where Daniel was murdered. We welcome all Europeans to join us in this important struggle.

Saturday 11 th December
Rönninge trainstation

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