Natzees Burning Books In Germany

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Well not quite, same effect, different principle. We just received this email from metal band Evil Incarnate-


In the following letter the next banned release for Evil Incarnate in Germany due to “overly Brutal” … lyrics. The CD Waiting for His Return is now in the process of being indexed into the list of banned releases under German Law. The version in question is CD Waiting for his return from Hiedenwut Productions U.K. and only this version at this time.
The message is forwarded below and here is a link to Wikipedia’s Definition on what this Group is and does under the German Constitution.

In several band interviews Label 56 has done I have made a point to note that Germany has extremely repressive laws when it comes to free speech. I find it ironic we were told we fought Nazi Germany in order to make the world safe for democracy, yet now Germany has some of the most anti free speech laws imaginable. I do have the utmost respect for the record labels and artists involved in our music scene in Germany as harassment, raids, and arrests are common for those who use their music to make a political statement.
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