96 Brigade Lyrics- Condemned

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Below are the lyrics to the song Condemned from the new 96 Brigade cd titled Revolution For Dummies


Never been one to fit in, always stood out in a crowd
never been one to joke with anyone standing around
never been the ones to fake what we believe in and what we know
never been the ones to give up and stand up with the status quo
never been a wheel in that machine, never chose to follow blind
never chose to accept what was given, close our eyes, and stand in line
always been a source of dissension never have been quite content
always tried to scratch the surface, always tried to make a dent

condemned…    we stand condemned for what we know is right
condemned…    we hope someday to win this fight
everyday gets a little bit harder, but everyday we gain more ground
we stand condemned for convictions, were condemned for being proud

gave up all the simple shit, and been knee deep in hell ever since
split up my family, and split up my friends, lost most of who I loved but its for the best in the end
we’ll raise the youth of tomorrow to never back down again, never give up ground to them
and always fuckin fight to win
they won’t be raised with guilt in a world that makes them close their eyes, we’ll give them hope with the deeds of our sacrifice.

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