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The One Family cd`s are a series of split cd`s released by OPOS Records. The lyrics here are from the second cd in the series featuring Moshpit, Attack,

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, and Total War. The lyrics below basically have to do with self betterment. They promote the strength to counter what has become a degenerated society and continue to fight for the light. To counter the lifestyle of addiction that has become an accepted part of our society and a degenerated “justice” system that allows criminals to run free.

Moshpit- Take My Word For It

Guilty at the beginning
No question why, your motive left unnoticed

Take my word for it
I`ll change this shit

The fear of truth built this society
Commercial interests often replace
the freedom of speech

People sell their souls for money
Corruption and greed rule the world
Freedom what a magic word
Realize the truth it`s a matter of time

Rule oppresses opinion
Section beat evidence
Interpretation kills justice
Directive counts, not truth

Be different to the ones that submit
Escape from the grave that you live in
Against the industry raise your voice
Don`t be silent, the attempt counts

Take my word for it

Attack- Lets Talk
Let`s talk about the lies you told
Let`s talk about your so called control
Let`s talk about your system
And your fucked up book of rules
There`s criminals on the streets raping three year olds
They should be in prison
But you just let them go

Let`s talk about the lies you told
concerning child molesters on my road
You should put these people behind bars
I really don`t think it should be that hard
Say you can`t do it because of lack of evidence
I say shove it up your ass why don`t you just quit?
You only care about your paycheck
not about the kids
Just let them go because they plead the fifth

Fed up with the bullshit fed up with the lies
Sick and tired of hearing about people getting off for committing crimes
Apparently you don`t care about the children who cry
Double standards and evil ways
Can`t you see the signs?

Total War- Never Falter
You won`t catch me passed out with a bottle in my hand
I don`t need to drink to prove that I`m a man
I don`t need to get fucked up every night
No chemical addiction will ever rule my life

Straight edge skinhead
Discipline integrity
Life of addiction is no life for me
Your strength comes from a bottle or a pill
Complacent in life, you have lost your will

I don`t need to smoke dope so I can fit in
What`s the point of killing brain cells
or being strung out on heroin
The struggle we face in life must be met
with a clear head
When you hide behind addiction
you might as well be dead

Say what you want about me
at least I know I`m real
This isn`t the booze talking
This is how I feel
Drugs are a weapon used against our minds
In your cycle of addiction
they are the chains that bind

Acceptance… Submission
Your answer to strife
Defiance… Perseverance
Is my way of life
Never back down Never falter
Stay true till the end
Forever defiant
Forever straight edge

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