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In one of my past weekly picks for Uprise Direct I picked the cd by Shutdown titled Pray For War. One of the reasons I like that cd so much is because of the lyrical content. I stated that the lyrics revolve around war, survival, government oppression, etc and are written in an intelligent manner. The reason I am mentioning this is because that cd featured Scott of the Bully Boys. The other day I posted a set of lyrics that originally appeared on the Bully Boys debut full length cd. Likewise with Shutdown, the Bully Boys cd has some really good lyrics in the same vein, but rather than focus on descriptive examples as on the Shutdown cd, the Bully Boys lyrics are on a more personal level and are written as representative of the author`s strength and determination in situations where weaker ones fail. They should act as inspiration for others to be strong in the fight for what is right. Below are another set of lyrics that I have always liked. They may not quite fit into the description I just gave for the overall theme but they are meaningful on a different level. The song is titled- My Heart Belongs To You

My Heart Belongs To You
Momma don`t worry, Daddy`s alright
It`s been a long day I`m coming home tonight
I know it`s a struggle when I`m not around
Gotta make ends meet to stay alive
You`ve put up with a lot over the years
We`ve shared many smiles and shed a few tears
We built a foundation to whether any storm
And nothing can tear it apart
We`ve lived the life both high and low
Spending days watching the family grow
The best days are yet to come
And this I promise to you

The good times the bad times
and the trials that we`ve been through
You`re alright and I`m alright
My heart belongs to you!

Sweet little child your Daddy`s pride
In me you can always confide
You bring me inner peace and faith
Your smiles mean the world to me
Anger and neglect you`ll never know
In safety and happiness I`ll see you grow
My heart fills with pride and joy
When I hear your sweet little voice

The good times the bad times
and the trials that we`ve been through
You`re alright and I`m alright
My heart belongs to you!

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One comment on “Lyrics- Bully Boys- My Heart Belongs To You

  1. Roger838 on said:

    That song has a very significant meaning to the movement in the sense that it embodies one of, if not, the most significant aspects of what we believe. The Family. Without a family, there can be no survival of our race. Strength, loyalty, family, honor, race and nation. 838

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