Kroda: Witch-hunt and holy inquisition?!

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The statement below is from the Pagan metal band Kroda who are from the Ukraine. Their music revolves around the celebration of ancient European cultures and traditions and the pre Christian (Pagan) religion of our ancestors. Last week they were cowardly attacked by people who have no respect for European culture and history. More emphatically, by people who wish to see the memories of our great conquerors and warriors and all they have fought and died for stomped into the ground and spit upon.

You can read their statement here

We at Label 56 openly support Kroda and any other band, musician, artists, etc. who desire such a preservation and honor of our past. It is this witch hunt for anything deemed politically incorrect that pushes us to fight the corporate controlled music media (as well as anyone else who tries to dictate what you should and should not listen to based on their own prejudices) and make the music available to those who can think for themselves. Independent Music For Independent Minds!!

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