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Most people are familiar with the great American novelist Jack London. His story Call Of The Wild is most recognizable. As with most of his stories Call Of The Wild revolves around the life and death struggle of it`s characters and the harsh reality of how cruel and unforgiving life can be in the competition of survival. Call Of The Wild is a great story that everyone should read if they haven`t. While I am writing about that story it is being used as an example because as I said, it is the most recognizable of his works. The story I want to review now is titled “A Piece Of Steak”. This is one of the best short stories I have read from him. It is the story is of a boxer named Tom King. A one time champion Tom is now past his prime, and the story details the struggles he is facing as a forgotten man. As was common for new fighters to make a name before stepping into the big time, an up and coming boxer named Sandel is matched up against Tom. In this one last chance Tom is given the opportunity to reclaim his youthful glory and get his self back on his feet. As the story continues and throughout the boxing match, Tom sees himself as Sandel and reflects on his days as a youth facing the once great boxers. He understands what it is to be an older man fighting for survival as opposed to a young up and comer who has the world ahead of him. The story also continues in great detail throughout the rounds of the boxing match and tells how Tom uses his years of experience against Sandel`s youthful fire. The lesson in this story- “Youth Is Served”. But who wins the fight? Find out for yourself.

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