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I wanted to make a note here to let everyone know about 2 new cd`s we have been anticipating on getting. Both the Frozen Abyss- Notes Of Loneliness and If We Die Tomorrow cd`s are now in stock They have not been added to the website yet as we are still fixing the site to be viewable in Firefox. Purchasing instructions are posted below.

If We Die Tomorrow is a limited edition (666 copies) cd and comes with a poster and sticker. The band plays hardcore mixed with punk, grind and more. The cd is $10 and anyone wanting to purchase it just order any cd from our “Discounted Cd`s” section. Mention in the comments at ordering you want the If We Die Tomorrow cd instead. Get your copy now because we have very limited copies in stock!

Frozen Abyss
- Notes Of Loneliness is an excellent cd. I liked this one so much that I had it added to the main page news section on the site. This cd features 9 tracks of heavy doom/ gothic metal and reminds me a lot of Type O Negative. You can check out samples of their music at
This cd is $14 and anyone wanting to purchase it just order any cd from our catalog. Mention in the comments at ordering you want the Frozen Abyss cd instead.

As always you can also mail in a check (allow 7 days for it to clear), money order, or well concealed cash to our PO Box.

PO Box 172
Linthicum, MD

We can be reached with any questions at

Below is a list of other cd`s we now have in stock that haven`t been added to the site yet. The cd`s below are $14 each. To purchase any of these cd`s order any $14 cd off the website and mention in the comments section which one you would like instead.

Involved Patriot- Vinlandic Saga
19 track cd of songs from different compilations, live tracks and more

Aufbruch & Nuremberg Split cd

We Will Never Die Vol. 2
Oi and RAC bands from around the world, many different styles, one of the nicest and most complete booklets ever seen, total running time of 73 minutes, excellent deal! Bands featured are Sturmtrupp, Razor, Kampfzone, Fraction, Cause Of Honour, Marching On, the Gits, Frakass, D.A., Romantikus Eröszak, The Disturbed, Crucifiés, Chaoskrieger, Locomotiva and Nowy Lad.

Brigade M- Trouw aan Rood, Wit, Blauw

Raw Hatred- Hung Like A Bitch
Limited edition black metal. pro cd-r

Dark Fury– The Price of Treason
Polish black metal

Dark Fury- Fortress Of Eagles
Polish black metal

Selbstmord- Dawn Of A New Era
Brand new cd from this Polish black metal band

Razor 88- Believe In Freedom
Excellent cd with 11 tracks rooted in rock and roll but take from other influences as well. This is a great cd for fans of Fortress

Wiege Des Schicksals- Die Wende Naht

12 tracks on this hardcore cd

Macht & Ehre- Europa Erwache!
Brand new cd from this heavy rock/ metal band. 10 tracks total

X.x.X.- Virus

13 new tracks of hardcore, metal played X.x.X. style

Skrewdriver/ Ian Stuart Memorial Live in Elsass 2003

19 tracks total from Bagadou Stourm, Razors Edge, and Aggressive Force

Freiwild- Mensch Oder Gott

13 tracks. For fans of Böhse Onkelz

Lions Pride- Stand And Defend

New band out of Belgium. Excellent cd musically and lyrically with an explanations to the lyrics of each song also. 13 tracks of upbeat rock/ street rock including bonus video

Campo De Mayo/ Permafrost Split cd
Split black metal cd. Limited to 1,000 copies

Bully Boys/ Fortress- Live In Australia 2004 DVD

October 15- Gdy łączyła Nas Walka
This cd is a projct of Olaf (from Honor) and Diabel (from Wolne Miasto Gdansk) More than 50 minutes of music with 10 songs in Polish and 4 in English

Svyatogor- …With Wolfish Stalk and by Wings of Black
Ukranian band Svyatogor take their name from a Russian/Ukrainian folk hero. This cd is straightforward black/ death metal with plenty of riffs, insane fast blast beats and sinsiter harsh vocals

Scratching Soil- Separatism
Melodic War Black Metal with lots of samples of tanks, gunfire, etc

Volh- Solemn March Into Ragnarok
Raw Pagan Black Metal from Russia

Rodogor- Repartition
Pagan War Metal with members of Rarog. Comes with a 12 page booklet

Vinterriket – Wege in die Vergangenheit
Black metal. Compilation of various tracks from rare 7` releases

Scorched- The Fifth Season
Dark Swedish Black Metal for fans of Bathory, Dissection, Immortal and Marduk

Thalarion Lati
Oldschool thrashing black metal in the vein of Blood Rain

Crivian Heathen Madness
Compilation cd featuring various songs and projects created by Pan Dominik and Voislav during the years 2001- 2006. This cd contains songs from early demos, rare unreleased tracks, songs from “dead” projects like Druvis, and songs from upcoming albums that will be released soon. Strictly numbered to 333 hand numbered copies. 14 songs, 50 minutes of music ranging from Pagan / Dark metal to Industrial / Funeral ambient

War- Dawn Of New Epoch/ The War Horde

Full-length cd from this Polish Black Metal Band. This cd contains 2 albums released for the first time on cd. “Dawn of New Epoch” (first full-length album) recorded in 2002 (originally on cdr only, and distributed directly by the band), and “The War Horde” (2nd demo) recorded in 1994, with a cassette version released in 2004. War is one of Poland’s oldest Black Metal bands and previously contributed to the Split-CD with Dark Fury and White Devils. 16 tracks total. Limited to only 1000 copies

Tarm – Nad Tulevad Kaapaist
Debut album from this Estonian pagan/black metal band. Features members of Third Descent and Moonlight Descends. 8 tracks total

Kampf- Nothing But Wrath

Mini cd re release from this black metal band from Greece

Ornias- Death Bringer

Raw old school black metal from Sweden.

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