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In relation to the last post I made with the bike riding, I have been doing a lot of riding myself lately, albeit nothing like doing the stunts they are doing, just out riding. A friend of mine just gave me a mountain bike and this past month was the first time I have been on a bike since I was a teenager. I have to say it is a lot of fun and I find it quite relaxing. I actually get the same feeling from going off riding somewhere as I get from sitting on the side of a river fishing. It`s kind of therapeutic really. I just stick on my ipod (usually some trance music) and go. I also have to say I have always been a fan of trance/ techno music. (And no it doesn`t mean you have to use drugs to enjoy this music. I know plenty of people who enjoy this music as it is. I am 100% against drug use of any kind) Anyway, trance music is relaxing in itself. I`ve never been into it enough to know who the artists are but due to the number of podcasts I am now able to just download and listen and take it for what it is. I have several trance podcasts subscribed to on my ipod but one really stands out. For anyone interested in this music check out the Shake Down Podcast. My current particular favorite is episode 86 which is divided into about 8 or 9 different artists. I have always been a sucker for female vocals and this episode starts out with some really nice female vocals set over music.

I will be posting some pics in the near future. There are some pretty cool places in Baltimore City to go riding if you know where to look

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