Friday The 13th

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This past weekend I went and saw the new Friday The 13th movie. This wasn`t a “new” movie, but a remake of the original. Aside from Scream which I thought was a really unique movie for this genre,  I don`t get into too many slasher flicks as I see senseless violence kind of boring, but never the less the nostalgia of seeing a Friday The 13th movie that debuted on Friday the 13th took over. For me I need movies like Natural Born Killers or something with an actual plot ha ha. What I did think was neat was that it showed a little bit more of Jason. Instead of him being just a guy who comes out of the woods and kills it showed where he lived and such. The rest of the movie was typical slasher stuff, naked chicks, chicks getting naked and then getting murdered, partying, drugs, etc.

Just to amuse myself I did come up with a Scooby Doo ending for the movie. This really shouldn`t spoil any of the movie for anyone who hasn`t seen it yet, but there is a crop of pot plants on the outskirts of Crystal Lake in this movie. It is my theory that the entire Jason thing is a myth, and that it is the creation of one crazy old lady and her semi retarded son who are killing people to keep them away from their plants ha ha. I guess we will see in the sequel if this is the case or not :P

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