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UK Police Disrupt Planned Christmas Attack

Mass media and leftists: How dare Trump retweet fake videos of muslim violence from a hate group! These fake videos stir up xenophobia. Fake fake fake! Hate hate hate! Twitter: We are banning Britain First and others who talk about muslim violence. Its all fake fake fake! Hate hate hate! Ban speech [...]

Germany Disguising Protective Barriers As Christmas Gifts

After several terrorist attacks across Europe during the holiday season last year, instead of addressing the real problem of unchecked immigration, these countries enacted highly militarized “safe spaces” for their citizens to shop in. Read that post here. This year Germany has set up walls and barriers disguised as giant Christmas presents [...]

Bombs Found At Civil War Reenactment In Virginia

Last weekend, after receiving threats of violence and “bodily harm” days before, a pipe bomb was found at a civil war reenactment in Middletown, Virginia. There has been no coverage from mass media condemning this violence which leads to the question- Is msm covering for antifa and the violent alt left again? [...]



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