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Total War- Welcome To WWIII

In your face straightedge hardcore / punk!     Tracklist 01 Kill Your Local Drug Dealer 02 Terrorist State 03 I Don’t Like You    (Skrewdriver) 04 Used To Be 05 Total War 06 Agnostic Front Sucks 07 Your Mother Is… 08 Drug Free 09 Welcome To WWIII 10 Wonderful World (4 Skins) [...]

Painful Awakening Interview

Painful Awakening Interview August 2010 This interview with Painful Awakening was conducted by Rick/ Label 56 in August of 2010. You can visit Painful Awakening on my space here Note: In order for the band to relay their answers as best as possible, some questions were answered in their native German. I [...]

Will To Survive

OPOS Records has among it`s new releases a debut from Will To Survive. Listening to the mp3 samples this band reminds me somewhat of Eternal Bleeding with the diversity of it`s sound. It is pretty heavy “alternative” hardcore with lots of clean vocals and music interspersed. I have to say this is [...]



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