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Volk- Volktalitarianism

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Volk- Volktalitarianism

Vinlandic Pagan black metal. Excellent debut that includes a bonus Nokturnal Mortum cover. 6 songs total but a full playing time of almost 40 minutes. Definitely pick this one up! Pro cd-r in cardboard sleeve Tracklist: 01. Pagan Lands 02. Winds Of Sorrow 03. Passage 04. Tundra 05. Heeathen Dawn 06. Bonus [...]

From Vinlandic Shores

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From Vinlandic Shores

In stock now!! From Vinlandic Shores is a 19 track compilation featuring 8 different US based bands who have all come together to create this outstanding cd. Most of the music styles range from NSBM to atmospheric black metal but there`s also two tracks from the new RAC band Vinland Friekorps. You [...]

Wellington Arms- Complete Demos

Wellington Arms- The Complete Demos 2008-2014 (Limited Edition Custom DIY Release) Cover #1 Chicago`s Wellington Arms are probably one of America`s best Street rock and Oi bands to have never released an official cd despite being active for over 5 years. I`ve personally been following the band for as long as I`ve [...]

Simple Men- Voice Of Freedom

The Simple Men- Voice Of Freedom From symphonic metal, to black / thrash metal, to death to grind it`s all there. Each song is unique and the vocals fit perfectly with each. This cd that was recently released and I`m surprised it hasn`t gotten more attention then it has. At least as [...]



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