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Trump Killing Meals On Wheels Is Fake News

The left continues to push #FakeNews on the Trump administration with the latest story being that he is killing meals on wheels. In reality all they are doing is creating easily refuted arguments for the leftist sheep who do not look up the facts. They are making their own followers look like [...]

President Trump Is Right About Sweden

While the biased #FakeNews networks are ridiculing President Trump for remarks he made about a #SwedenIncident , the ensuing fallout has led everyone to discover the very real problem of immigrant crime in Sweden. We`ve written about this several times over the years in our own blog and it is also easily [...]

Mass Resignations At State House Is Fake News

Fake News: Media Reports State Dept. ‘Mass Resignation,’ Officials Actually Fired Today’s Fake News freakout began with a buzzing swarm of headlines about “mass resignations” by the “entire senior level of management officials” at the State Department resigning in some stunning act of protest against President Trump. Before long, we learned we [...]

Fake Hate Crimes And Fake News

Mass media has been on a frenzy this past election campaign running all kinds of #FakeNews stories about Trump supporters committing hate crimes. While the majority of these have turned out to be fake, it still has not stopped them from jumping the gun and reporting on any and all crimes as [...]



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