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Antifa Harass Elderly Woman Using A Walker

Music & News For The Culture War Antifa Harass Elderly Woman Using A Walker Daily reminder that #AntifaAreDomesticTerrorists         Antifa protestors harass senior woman in walker outside of @RubinReport @MaximeBernier — The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) September 30, 2019   Despite this cowardly attack, this woman stands proud against [...]

Media Double Standards: Antifa Vs. MAGA Hat Kid

Music & News For The Culture War Media Double Standards: Antifa Vs. MAGA Hat Kid Because this got little to no attention and disappeared quick. Via Far Left Watch: Who was more vilified by the media? a.) The high school student who smirked at a Native American man. b.) The armed militia [...]

Tough Guy Alert!

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Tough Guy Alert!

Tough Guy Alert! This soy boy from Ohio likes to go online threatening people that he does not agree with, calling them fascists and advocating violence against them to prohibit their 1st Amendment right. In the screenshot below he says “The only way a fash should be debated is with a boot“. [...]

The Daily Caller Unmasks Joseph “Jose” Alcoff, Antifa Member Who Pushed Violent Agenda Anonymously

Excerpt from The Daily Caller. Read the entire article here Editor’s note: The subject of this story is being identified because he’s pushed radical rhetoric and has advocated for politically-motivated violence from behind a mask. The Daily Caller News Foundation does not and will not publish truly private information such as home [...]

Antifa Leader Dwayne Dixon Charged With Assault

Dwayne Dixon, an antifa member and University of North Carolina anthropology professor, was charged with assault for an incident during the August 20th mob toppling of the Silent Sam statue. Dixon as well as many other antifa associates were involved with the vandalism. As Big League Politics posted here: “The Antifa leaders [...]



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