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Tchort- Infernal Death Machine

Experimental Drone Noise Ambient from Russia. Limited edition cd-r pressing comes in a slim line case   1. Святая Песнь Бога 06:48 2. Мы Друзья Дьявола 07:51 3. Мамин Смелый Сын 04:10 4. Малафья 06:29 5. Крещенские Морозы в Нифельхейме 05:44 6. Поросячье Говно 07:24 7. Говна Случайгые Потоки 09:22 8. Бабушка [...]

Inexistence- Land Of Grays

“Inexistence is a one-man project from Argentina, formed in late 2010. The musical style is always changing or evolving (you decide) but ranges from DSBM in the beginning, atmospheric black, post black and a bit of doom. All the art (music and artwork) is done by himself.” Pro-cdr with 40 minutes of [...]

Nebula VII- Dawn Of A New Era

“Nebula VII is an experimental drone ambient band from Russia, the solo project of VII, who is also involved in other projects too, like Memories of the Past, D010259 and Static Messiah. Since 2010, Nebula VII have released countless full-length albums, EPs, singles, compilations and splits, most of them in very limited [...]

Argentum- Kooperation Und Freundschaft

Argentum have released a new cd on Skulline Productions titled Kooperation Und Freundschaft. This new cd is something different from previous releases and has elevated them to a new level. On this release the band incorporates new instruments as well as acoustic guitars and vocals. They create a beautiful mix of acoustic [...]

New cd`s

Some new cd`s have been added to the Label 56 site. Most of the new additions are various hardcore and rock cd`s. We have also added several ambient/ martial/ industrial cd`s (very limited copies of each) as well as some more Russian metal. Also in stock now is the new cd from [...]

Ambient/ Noise

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Ambient/ Noise

Two hard to find cd`s have been added to our catalog. The Taedium Vitae- War and Wojnar – Z Najglebzch Borow Piesni Wam Niose are available now. Noise art inspired by war and strongly influenced by radical ideology! Self described as War Industrial Anti-Music. Limited to 500 copies. 20 tracks of Ambient [...]



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