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Dan Bongino Show: Dealing With The Media

In the opening comments in this podcast, Dan Bongino discusses how to deal with the media using Trump’s 60 minutes interview as an example. As is posted on his site, he goes on to talk about revealing new details about the Spygate scandal that point in a troubling direction and debunking liberal [...]

The Root: We Need Less White Voters

Among the many reasons to get you out to the poll, this should be one of them. “Black News” website The Root (which has been called the Stormfront for black people) recently ran a story titled “What Taylor Swift Did Is Cool, I Guess. But We Need Fewer White People to Vote, [...]

Cuban Americans Confront Nancy Pelosi, Call Her Communist

Nancy Pelosi was confronted and heckled by Pro Trump Cuban Americans outside of a campaign office in Miami Florida where she was to meet with Donna Shalala, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, and California Rep. Barbara Lee. The protestors held signs denouncing communism while calling Pelosi a communist as well as a few other choice [...]

Dat Legacy: Obama`s Operation Chokepoint Unmasked

In our recent Label 56 Morning News Brief, I talked about how the banks and credit card companies were denying service to businesses opposite their ideology in an effort to keep them from raising funds to use against them in the culture war. This denial of service practice includes Label 56 as [...]

SJW`s Are Real Life NPC`s

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SJW`s Are Real Life NPC`s

The NPC meme is one of the most accurate memes depicting real life that has come out in awhile. Predictably the left is freaking out over it because it is so accurate. In case you`re unfamiliar with it, NPC stands for Non Player Character and is modeled after the robotic pre programmed [...]

Should Anyone Trust Taylor Swift`s Political Endorsement?

Aside from her actual ignorance towards Marsha Blackburn`s policies, this is a funny meme based around Taylor Swift and her recent endorsement of Phil Bredesen. What`s also funny is that a recent Project Veritas video captured one of Bredesen`s campaign workers saying that Bredesen is basically conning the people of Tennessee into [...]



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