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The “Trump Is A Danger To Our Democracy” Myth

Projection is when you accuse your opponents of doing what you are doing. When democrats say Trump is a danger to our democracy and is undermining the constitution, yet when they don’t get the election results they want they actively try to undermine the constitution and threaten our democracy Rep. Steve Cohen [...]

Quotes: Bolsonaro- Root Out Marxist Garbage In Education

It`s an issue we`ve posted about many times, the overwhelming influence of marxist / communist professors not only in college, but in the curriculum in many public schools. “The long march through the institutions” was coined as a strategy for infiltrating and subverting the educational system, and the Frankfurt school was very [...]

Another Transgendered Goes On A Violent Rampage

I`m sure by now everyone has seen the video of the transgender who went on a violent rampage in a Game Stop after being called sir, his biological pronoun. If you haven`t seen it, it`s posted below. The radical left and those who base their opinions on emotion over reality will say [...]

Tough Guy Alert!

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Tough Guy Alert!

Tough Guy Alert! This soy boy from Ohio likes to go online threatening people that he does not agree with, calling them fascists and advocating violence against them to prohibit their 1st Amendment right. In the screenshot below he says “The only way a fash should be debated is with a boot“. [...]



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