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#CocksNotGlocks – The Perfect Anti-Gun Rally

Great article by Christopher Cantwell on the counter protest against allowing concealed carry owners to be able to defend themselves on campus: “This demonstration is the absolute perfect metaphor for leftist ideology. ‘If your life is in danger, go fuck yourself.’” Full Article Here

The Real War On Women

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The Real War On Women

Via The American Viking FB Page: “”Ladies. The real “war on women” will come from liberal progressives. Especially if you are a white woman. You are only a protected class in the eyes of progressives as long as you are pitted against the white man. When your interests clash with another protected [...]

How Hate Speech Laws Work In Practice

“One of the most baffling things about the newfangled “liberal” push for laws against so-called hate speech is their inability to imagine these bans backfiring. In their zeal to punish those who spread sexist, racist, transphobic, or otherwise out-of-fashion speech, they seem to forget that history has a bad track record of [...]

Edgar Steele 7/5/1945- 9/4/2014

Edgar J. Steele, who was born July 5, 1945, passed away behind bars on September 4, 2014, at the age of 69. Steele, an author and celebrated First Amendment attorney who gained national notoriety defending Richard G. Butler, the founder of the group Aryan Nations, died at United States Penitentiary, Victorville (USP [...]



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