Cultural Change through Music & Activism
Learn From Leftists Activism

Political Violence is a Game the Right Can’t Win is an article laying out the differences between right wing and left wing activism. The first half of this article is debatable imo and not really what I want to focus on. It is the second half that lays out the differences, and [...]

Philadelphia Inquirer Exposed

After requesting an interview with Pennsylvania activists Keystone United, the Philadelphia Enquirer later rescinded the request when KU told them they`d agree as long as they could live stream the interview. This make one wonder what the enquirer is afraid of. Read more here

The Reason Victims Never Win

Via Norse Fitness: The Reason Victims Never Win “Nothing destroys your potential like having the mentality of a victim; always thinking that your outcomes happen not because of your own shortcomings or mistakes, but because you have been wronged by a group of faceless individuals that don’t even know who the fuck [...]



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