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R.I.P. Liberty And Abigail

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R.I.P. Liberty And Abigail

This is sickening. I hope that someone finds this guy first and beats him to death nice and slow and live streams it for people to see Info on the man suspected of murdering these girls in the KTLA News site here

Quotes: Alan Odinson

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Quotes: Alan Odinson

Quotes: Alan Odinson / The Barbarian Lounge Podcast “In high school, being “too cool to care” was an edgy thing. As an adult though, it just looks like a form of escapism and laziness on your part. The workings of the world and dealing with it’s nuances ensure the future for your [...]

President Trump Is Right About Sweden

While the biased #FakeNews networks are ridiculing President Trump for remarks he made about a #SwedenIncident , the ensuing fallout has led everyone to discover the very real problem of immigrant crime in Sweden. We`ve written about this several times over the years in our own blog and it is also easily [...]

Red Ice Radio Interview With Jim Goad

Red Ice Radio Interview With Jim Goad Jim Goad is an American author and publisher. He co-authored and published the magazine ANSWER ME! and The Redneck Manifesto. We begin by discussing Jim’s background and what inspired him to write The Redneck Manifesto. Jim tells us about his ideological journey, which began with [...]



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