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Green Arrows Interview December 2019

Green Arrows Interview (December 2019)  By Matthew Ryan     To say Green Arrows is just a hardcore band based out of Italy would be a mighty disservice to these fine gentleman. I was late to the Green Arrows party unfortunately. I asked Rick at Label56 to recommend some good hardcore and [...]

Radio Wehrwolf Interviews Ward Kendall

Radio Wehrwolf interviews Ward Kendall: Ward Kendall author of Beyond this Horizon- A White Nationalist Blueprint for Tomorrow discusses the problems with the “leadership” of White Nationalism, the splintered groups, the lack of focus, the need to come up with brand new strategies, and more. Listen here

Paddy Tarleton Interview

Reclaiming Our Artistic Past: An Interview with Nationalist Folk Singer Paddy Tarleton “I recently came across a local musician who had been in the news recently over his ‘controversial’ political views and the lyrical content of his music. After giving his name a search and finding some of his music I decided [...]

Label 56 Interview With Defiance Mag

This is the interview Label 56 did with Defiance magazine back in 2012. It was posted on their site but not on ours. I just realized this so I am posting it here now. A side note is that everyone has asked what the 56 was for and at the time there [...]

Amelia Boone on Beating 99% of Men and Suffering for High Performance

Tim Ferris does a great interview here with Amelia Boone. After listening to this interview you guys will be hard pressed to make excuses. “Amelia Boone (@ameliaboone) has been called the Michael Jordan of obstacle course racing (OCR). This episode explores her training, nutrition, rehab, “pre-hab,” and more.” Complete info as well [...]

Label 56 Interview

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Label 56 Interview

This is an interview we did with Da Wolfman not long ago. It was originally posted on his blog here Label 56 Interview: This is my favorite label in the US! They help do a lot of good in Nationalist circles.  Introduce yourself and the basis of Label 56 Hey thanks for [...]

Onnit Podcast: Total Human Optimization

#Motivation #RiseAbove #Inspiration #HealthyLifestyle Onnit podcast is a podcast I recently found thanks to the podcast suggestions in the Art Of Manliness blog. The description they gave for the show is “Their goal is basically to help everyone unleash the uber-mensch within them. Their podcast follows that mantra and is generally centered [...]



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