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Impeach Maxine Waters Hashtag

#ImpeachMaxine is a hashtag going around in opposition to congresswoman Maxine Waters. Her opponents state that while she repeatedly calls for the impeachment of President Trump, it is her that needs to go and have started the #ImpeachMaxine hashtag. Her seat in congress is also being challenged. Republican challenger Omar Navarro recently [...]

Demographic Displacement

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Demographic Displacement

Demographic Displacement: The under-handed invasion We’ve all heard it phrased one way or another—whites and only whites have a moral imperative to become minorities in their own countries. The social justice warriors among us preach tolerance, multiculturalism, and diversity but these are merely feel-good words with negative consequences. One of those consequences [...]

Antifa Attacking LGBTQ Parade

The masked crusaders continue to use violence and threats to enforce their fascist dictates. We have to say we do love seeing them turn anyone and everyone against them. In the latest display of the left eating each other, antifa groups are now calling for the Capital Pride celebration to be “held [...]



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