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Nancy Pelosi`s Bad Week

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Nancy Pelosi`s Bad Week

The radical left and it`s counterparts in mass media were ecstatic 2 days ago after Nancy Pelosi suggested the State Of The Union be cancelled due to lack of funds for security because of the government shutdown. Headlines on alt left social media outlets read as saying things like “Nancy Pelosi Just [...]

Wargrinder- Tank Tread Doctrine

Oldschool black / thrash     Tracklist 1 Extermination Creed 2 Tank Tread Doctrine 3 Ashes Rebuilt To Ashes 4 Eradicate The Afflicted 5 The Rites Of Deception 6 Vehement Slavekind 7 Time Consumes Existence 8 Collapse – Retribution 9 Of Bliss And The Endless Void

W.A.R. Against Modern World

Worldwide compilation with various styles of music Tracklist: 01. Eugenesia – Santa Fe De Bogota 02. Lapida – Gurerro De La Insignia Nacional 03. Invictus – El Carnicero De La Cabana 04. Lion’s Pride – Souls Forever Free 05. Scuadron Sur – Siempre Skinhead 06. Legittima Offesa – Spacca Tutto 07. Les [...]

Solidarni Z Gornikami

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Solidarni Z Gornikami

RAC / metal solidarity compilation. Comes in slipcase packaging Tracklist 01. Various – Intro 02. Obłęd – Antysystem 03. Kontratak – Dziewięciu Z Wujka 04. Front H8 – Niepoprawni Politycznie 05. Pigdriver – Sól Ziemi Czarnej 06. Prawy Prosty – Targowica’89 07. Gan – Węgielne Łzy 08. Tomasz Kuś & Nordica – [...]

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