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Another Democrat Special Election Loss

This has got to be the best picture you`ll see all day. It`s like the 2016 presidential election all over again After pumping $26 million into the Georgia special elections race, democrats failed once again as John Ossoff was defeated by Republican Karen Handel. This is the 4th special elections race they have [...]

Trump Assassination Play Interrupted. Resist

They call it the resistance, what it really is is a violent reaction to the democratic process when it doesn`t go in their favor. It is also a violent reaction to speech that they do not like while at the same time espousing violence and obscenities in their own speech. Now a [...]

Ban Democrats From Owning Guns?

This link is to an old article titled “Why Are All Mass Murderers Democrats?” but it`s worth a reposting considering recent events. The article is from Joe For America and was posted in 2014 and gives a list of mass shooters over the years and points out that most are democrats. Let`s [...]

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