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Media Defines Race Based On Their Agenda

The way race is portrayed in mass media has made it more and more apparent that there is an agenda behind the reporting. Scrolling through my facebook feed this morning I passed this post celebrating “Bubba” Wallace for being a black driver in Daytona. Bubba is actually a mixed race man with [...]

Street Artist Sabo Trolls “Intelligent Liberal” Jimmy Kimmel

Sabo is a California artist who has been using street art as his brand of activism to hilariously troll Hollywood liberal hypocrites. His past actions included targeting the Oscars, Mark Zuckerberg`s assumed presidential run, and more. The latest is another attack on “Intelligent Liberal” Jimmy Kimmel. Sabo has targeted Kimmel in the [...]

R.I.P. Aaron Feis. An American Hero

Among the 17 people killed at Parkland High on Wednesday was football coach Aaron Fies. Aaron selflessly gave his life shielding other students from the shooter.He leaves behind a wife and baby daughter. We just wonder how the situation may have been different if Aaron and the other teachers had been armed. [...]

Antifa Professor Who Chased Charlottesville Driver With A Rifle Right Before Accident Acts Like A B*tch When Confronted By Reporter

  Dwayne Dixon,, an antifa member and University of North Carolina anthropology professor bragged back in January about chasing James Fields with a rifle right before he drove into a crowd in Charlottesville. In what could be an insight into what led up to the tragedy that happened that day, Dixon wrote [...]

Artist Who Created Obama`s Painting Has Previously Painted Black Women Beheading White Women. Says “It’s Sort Of A Play On The ‘Kill Whitey’ Thing”

    Kehinde Wiley, the artist who painted 44`s official portrait for the Smithsonian, has previously painted portraits of black women beheading white women. In this article from the NY Mag in 2012, Wiley says of the painting-  “It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing”. Do we even need [...]

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