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God Bless The Right-Wing Social Justice Warrior

One line we`ve repeated over the years is the line- “Stay Positive, Be Active”. The reason for this is because we want people to concentrate on self betterment, to not let the negatives in the world affect them mentally, and to have fun while doing “activism” rather than run around like one [...]

Irony Alert: LGBT Anger Over You Tube “Censorship”

A new hashtag #YouTubeIsOverParty has been created by those on the left and in the lgbt community to protest censorship on youtube. The censorship they are referring to isn`t actually censorship however, it`s a glitch in filtering mature content in videos which causes some videos with lgbt content to be unavailable to [...]

Prevent Maryland From Becoming a Sanctuary State

This past week in Montgomery County, Maryland 2 students were arrested for allegedly raping a girl in a high school bathroom. This is particularly disturbing when you learn that one of the 9th graders arrested was an 18 year old with a pending alien removal case. The other arrested has only been [...]

Trump Killing Meals On Wheels Is Fake News

The left continues to push #FakeNews on the Trump administration with the latest story being that he is killing meals on wheels. In reality all they are doing is creating easily refuted arguments for the leftist sheep who do not look up the facts. They are making their own followers look like [...]

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