SJW Outlets Reward Megan Rapinoe & Greta Thunberg For Being SJW`s

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SJW Outlets Reward Megan Rapinoe & Greta Thunberg For Being SJW`s

Not to get too much into pop culture, but the latest “People Of The Year” recipients once again lay out the agenda pushed by the mainstream outlets. 9 times out of 10, despite the actual achievements of the recipients in their respective field, they will be given to the most obnoxiously over the top social justice warrior. Most recently, a child who is being exploited by the globalist powers that be in order to implement Agenda 21 policies has been named Time Magazine`s “Person Of The Year”. Next to her, Megan Rapinoe, the obnoxious radical left Trump hating Rachel Maddow look a like soccer player who appeared to drop the American Flag and step on it at the end of the World Cup Final has been named the Sports Illustrated “Sportsperson Of The Year”. As always, just like the majority of these awards where there may be someone more deserving, they show themselves to be nothing more than social justice warriors rewarding social justice warriors for being social justice warriors. The “resistance” is in fact the establishment.

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