Laura Loomer and Enrique Tarrio- The Latest Victims In Social Media`s 2020 Election Interference Campaign

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Laura Loomer and Enrique Tarrio- The Latest Victims In Social Media`s 2020 Election Interference Campaign

We`ve posted plenty about the social media companies not only censoring individuals and groups, but also engaging in election interference by banning people from their platforms who are candidates for office. Laura Loomer and Enrique Tarrio are 2 such people who have received repeated blacklisting in the past and are both now running for office. In Loomer`s case, she states on her Telegram Channel that

“Within 24 hours of my campaign attempting to create a campaign Facebook page for Laura Loomer For Congress, Facebook has BANNED my campaign account and is denying me equal rights to fundraise and campaign.

This is election interference.

My campaign for US Congress in the first federal campaign in the US to be banned and blacklisted by a major big tech company.

Of course, my Democrat opponent, who I out fundraised, is allowed to have Facebook where she is fundraising.”

In Enrigue`s case where he is running for office also in Florida against Donna Shalala, he has just been suspended from twitter

It should be noted that Enrique is an Afro- Cuban while Loomer is a Jewish woman which shows that this mass censorship isn`t based around  “white supremacy”. Just like Kamala Harris saying she wants President Trump kicked off twitter, it needs to be repeated again- the only thing the left had to be able to hold on to power and create the matrix was control of the media, but in this internet age where everyone has an equal voice their matrix has been exposed and is falling apart. They are scared and have resorted to totalitarian censorship and financial terrorism to silence those who fight against them in the culture war. These dystopian tactics need to be legally challenged and fought against. And make sure you’re registered to vote in the next election. You think things are bad now? Wait till they get power. Totalitarianism does not care what race you are, what gender you are, or what nationality you are. Never forget that the left never stops moving the goal post. Unless you fight against these dystopian tactics you will be next. #Resist

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