Low Energy Republicans Freaking Out Over Trump`s Lynching Comment

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Low Energy Republicans Freaking Out Over Trump`s Lynching Comment

Apparently a few of the low energy Republicans are having a conniption fit over Trump using the word “lynching” to describe the democrat attacks on him. Let’s look at that real quick.

1) More whites were in fact lynched than blacks.
2) The majority of lynchings were in fact done by democrats.
3) Most of them were done on sketchy evidence.

So yea I’d say his statement is validated. The low energy republicans are just scared of being called a “racist nazi white supremacist F*cking White Male!” like always.

Listen up low energy republicans, you are the only ones giving the left power over you with these words. If you grovel and run they’re just going to attack you harder because they see fear. So quit being cucks and get a spine instead of allowing the commie left to destroy America in the name of “social justice”.

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