Black Man Arrested For Hate Crime Attacks On White New Yorker’s. National Media Silent

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Black Man Arrested For Hate Crime Attacks On White New Yorker’s. National Media Silent

This is a story I`ve been following since I first heard about it a week or so ago. A black man in New York was wanted after several random attacks on white people, including one attack when he hit a woman in the back of the head with a brick. I watched to see how many mass media outlets were reporting on this as they seem to love to report hate crimes and talk about how evil they are. For some reason this one hasn`t received much attention.

33 year old Todd Lyons has been arrested as the suspect in a series of attacks against white New Yorker’s. The first known attack occurred on August 9th when a 56 year old was violently pushed to the ground from behind in an attack where he was also called a “f*cking honky”.  A few days later he is alleged to have hit a 64-year-old woman with a stick and hit a 58 year old man in the face while saying Get off the street honky, you f*cking honky, you don’t belong here. Aside from these cowardly attacks on the elderly, a 20 year old woman was also hit from behind with a brick. He`s currently being charged with charged with three counts of hate crime assault and three counts of assault.

It`s kind of curious why there wasn`t more coverage of this. You`d think that in the days leading up to this guys arrest mass media would be doing everything they can to help get a violent racist off the street. It`s almost like there`s some kind of narrative they stick to. Is it possible that mass media has an agenda?

In the case of New York in general, there really seems to be a culture of racism and intolerance in this democrat run state that is largely never talked about. In one case, 40 year old Kevin Raphael was just sentenced in Brooklyn after several violent attacks on white people in which he stated such things as “I will kill every white (expletive) around here.” In another current investigation, NYPD is looking for a group of black teens who attacked and robbed several Jewish men around New York. At the same time, there have been many attacks on people of faith in New York as well as synagogues and other places being vandalized, mostly by poc. We`ve also documented several violent racist attacks recently as well which really makes you ask- What is going on in New York? With the number of hate crimes against innocent people being committed by poc, it`s our opinion that some kind of tolerance and diversity programs should be implemented in these communities.

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