Left Wing Activist Group Demands Mastercard Blacklist More Conservatives

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Left Wing Activist Group Demands Mastercard Blacklist More Conservatives

A left-wing group wants MasterCard to deny people that they don’t like to be able to use their services. Three SumOfUs members who own 1,800 Mastercard shares forced Mastercard to hold a vote amongst it`s shareholders proposing they form a “human rights committee” where they could pick and choose what people and organizations to deny service to. The proposal was ultimately voted down, but you can bet it will come back up again.

Once again you have totalitarian tactics being used by the left to silence and financially terrorize those they do not agree with politically. As always this is being done under the guise of “hate speech”. This is the totalitarianism and fascism you can look forward to if they do get complete power. You need to vote and you need to get involved politically or at least speak up openly. The left never stops moving the goalpost. Mastercard as well as other banking and online payment services have already banned people and organizations at their will. If you don’t think that one day you’ll fall under this category you’re sadly mistaken.

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