Label 56 Radio Episode 18

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This is the 18th episode of the Label 56 Indie Radio Podcast. This is the podcast we do to promote the worldwide music scene as well as update you on what`s currently in stock at
As always the music styles in this show range from Oi! to RAC to metal to black metal, and anything else we want to throw in. Aside from the various featured artists, today`s show also features a promo song from the upcoming Return Of Hyde demo collection

Track list

01. Sumbu Bros- Sumbu Army (Info Here)
02. Code 291- Blodets Väg (Info Here)
03. Barsarkana- Framåt Svenskar (Info Here)
04. Ultimatum- Non E Mai Troppo Tardi (Info Here)
05. Thrima- Einklang/ Sterbende Welt (Info Here)
06. Mass Destruction- Justitia  (Info Here)
07. Heathen Hammer- Wings of Hussar (Info Here)
08. 14 Sacred Words- Break The Silence (Info Here)
09. Blutrein- In Memoriam – H.M. (Info Here)
10. Sorgelig- Denying Everything (Info Here)
11. LTW- European Frontline (With Painful Awakening) (Info Here)
12. Desolated- Father Of Slain (Info Here)
13. Barbaren- Flagschiff (Info Here)
14. Sunwheel- I Am The One (Info Here)
15. Return Of Hyde- Smash Pedophiles (Preorder)

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