Combat Sports For The Future Nationalist

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Combat Sports For The Future Nationalist

Article by Robert Rundo / The Rise Above Movement

Originally posted on Our Fight Clothing here

Why combat sports is not only good for the individual, but also how it pertains to the greater movement.

 You’re at a party and you finally decide to cross over the room to approach the girl you’ve been eyeing all night. Moments after introducing yourself and getting that first smile from her, another guy walks over interrupting you and striking up a conversation of his own. There’s a quick moment where she flashes you a look that says what are you going to do? Every fiber in your body calls you to at least say something, but you size up the guy and the voices of doubt take over – he’s bigger than me , there is nothing I can do, I’m out of shape. You might even try and blame the girl for being so inviting. But all she did was just pick the man that was more willing, who showed more courage. Self defeated you slink away to your beer.

This is a minor example of the unassured man. There are infinite scenarios where there is something that you wish you said or wish you did, but held back in doubt. The willingness of a man to stand for himself pertains to all aspects of our lives. In ones career being self assured is the difference between a promotion and remaining a nameless employee. In the nationalist movement the ideals of strength, masculinity, discipline even the warrior spirit all seem to be some of the most valued virtues to possess. How many online posts are made glorying men of the past that held those values?

But in our soft democratic modern world, how many of us are truly striving to embody those ideals? For many it’s easier to post online in hope that someone else will take up these virtues instead of embodying them themselves. Combat sports such as boxing, mma, jiu jitsu and so on do not only strengthen you physically but build mental toughness as well. There are few examples in life that will test a man’s will and determination like pushing yourself one more round when you body aches to quit. “How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?” – T. D

Those that have, can tell you it is almost a spiritual awakening that comes out of it. One can be reborn with a few months of training, turning the once meek to mighty. Making common problems seem a lot less difficult. Now some might scoff at the idea of training mma, jiu jitsu etc calling it brutish or thuggery. The dedication and discipline that’s required in training makes this anything but thuggery. Thuggery is what our enemies use against us, it’s the mobs of antifa or the dumb thugs hanging on the corner. The nationalist who trains is calculated and clearheaded. He doesn’t need to rely on thuggery because he knows what he’s capable of. Training in combat sports helps one to have the ability to think rationally in a stressful situation. Now some may rely on law enforcement or maybe try to play the victim card. We don’t get either of those options. We have seen whites that try to play the victim card only get mocked by our foes and the police; and if they do step in, they only do so after one has already been made a victim.

How it pertains to the scene at large

So besides all the health benefits, boosting confidence and just being bad-ass, incorporating combat sports has a much larger role. Since the start of the cultural war in the 60’s, the right has almost always come in second in terms of trends and such. Whether it was music, film, style etc. This sport culture is something we can lay claim to, this is something we are setting the trend in. And what better trend to set for our people to become in shape, active and capable. Meanwhile the left is burning itself out pushing drug culture, consumerism and apathy.

Now this is not some far out idea but something that’s going on all over Europe drawing larger numbers than almost any other events nationalist put on. Last year I had the honor to be one of the first Americans to compete and take part at one of these events. It was put on by one of the founders of this active lifestyle movement White Rex in collaboration with Kampf Der Nibelungen in Germany.

What I witnessed at this event opened my eyes to the importance of sport culture to our movement. Up to 2000 people from all over Europe came to attend. Even though some of us were competing against each other in the ring, the respect and comradery that was formed couldn’t be the same if it was just over a few brews. When you train together, when you bleed together it forms a bond unmatched strong enough to stretch over continents.

It’s this type of real world networking and grass roots community building that shakes our enemies to their core, they want us individualized swallowing down Mc Donald’s burgers while raging away behind a computer screen. Bringing Russians, Germans, Italians and so on ,unified for that event was no small task.

This is also our weapon against the media. Nationalist are always depicted as personifying the most antisocial attributes. They do that out of fear that our cause should ever go mainstream, so they focus on the worst. But what I saw there was contrary to all of that. No combat boots or dorky attire instead young athletic looking males wearing New Balance sneakers and latest nationalist clothing brands, joking around, laughing with each other and their girlfriends that came to support them. Easily they could blend in with mainstream but at the same time they exemplified toughness and confidence that we don’t see in the masses.

These events and this culture is only growing in our movement, turning out the leaders of tomorrow. The nationalist movement was never built on idle talk but on those with a iron will who didn’t back down. In a time of weak men it only takes some effort to rise above all. Combat sports is that way up.

To understand more or see for yourself look up White Rex , Kampf Der Nibelungen Pride France or even Rise Above Movement.

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