Ashiqul Alam Identified As Man Who Wanted To Attack Times Square With Grenades. National Media Silent

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Ashiqul Alam Identified As Man Who Wanted To Attack Times Square With Grenades. National Media Silent

Last week I heard the story on the news updates on local radio- an unidentified man has been arrested in a plot to attack Times Square with grenades. That was pretty much the last I heard of it. That man has since been identified as 22 year old Ashiqul Alam, a Bangladeshi from Queens, New York who has legal residency after moving here with his parents when he was 12. Just 2 years ago another Bangladeshi immigrant, Akayed Ullah, detonated a bomb in a New York subway corridor. He was found guilty of federal terrorism charges last year. It`s curious why the national media outlets have gone silent on this story, as well as many others similar, relegating it to just a few online articles. It`s almost as if they have some kind of narrative to uphold.

In Alam`s case, according to the charges, he expressed his admiration for terrorist groups like isis and al qaeda as well as praised Osama Bin Laden for the 9/11 attack.. As reported by the Department Of Justice, he was arrested after giving money towards the purchase of two firearms that had the serial numbers obliterated. He had been under surveillance since August of last year and during the course of the investigation they say he “…discussed guns, suicide vests, hand grenades, and surveilled crowded New York targets such as Times Square”. They say he also stated his desire to use grenades because they could “take out at least eight people.” and said he wanted to kill law enforcement. The complaint also states that in January he told an undercover agent that he was willing to die fighting. Alam has been formally charged in Federal District Court in Brooklyn with purchasing firearms with obliterated serial numbers. He has not been charged with terrorism-related crimes.


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