Third Mass Shooting In Democrat Run Baltimore In A Week. Victims Include 1 & 2 Year Old. City Violence Coming To Baltimore County

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Third Mass Shooting In Democrat Run Baltimore In A Week. Victims Include 1 & 2 Year Old. City Violence Coming To Baltimore County

We posted the other day about a mass shooting in democrat run Baltimore in which 8 people were shot while having a cookout. Since then there have been 2 more mass shootings and none of which seem to be making the prime time national news outlets.

Early Friday morning around 2:30 am, gunfire was detected on the city`s shot spotter alert. When police arrived they found 2 adult males and 2 adult females who had been hit by gunfire. The victims injuries include a 36-year-old man was shot in his legs and a 22 year old male who was also shot in the leg. A 27-year-old woman was shot in her foot and the 18-year-old woman was shot in her groin. The suspects, 3 black males, open fired on the group and then fled in a car that later collided with another vehicle and overturned.

Another mass shooting occurred in democrat run Baltimore Friday night when 5 people were shot. This mass shooting took place early in the evening around 8:30 pm when 2 black males got out of a car and open fired at an intersection hitting 2 adult males and a female adult. Also hit were the woman`s children, a 1-year-old who was shot in the leg and a 2-year-old who was shot in the torso. Police are still looking for the suspects and they are offering a $15,000 reward for information. Meanwhile none of these mass shootings have made the rounds by the talking heads on the major news outlets and none of them are being referred to as mass shootings. Likewise the race of the suspects are conveniently left out of most news reports. Its almost like there is some kind of agenda in mass media.

Locally, the politicians are feigning outrage over this latest mass shooting. I say feigning outrage because this is not the first time children have been shot and / or killed but as usual they continue to offer no real solutions. Because Baltimore has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, the law abiding citizens in general are left helpless to defend themselves and the criminals know they will have easy targets. Instead of allowing Baltimore citizens their 2nd Amendment right to defend themselves, they are offering thoughts and prayers and non viable solutions making it just part and parcel of living in a democrat run city. It`s the same old story. We`ve reported in the past about the city council and their priorities which included pay raises, tearing down monuments, banning fake guns and renaming Columbus Day. Most recently a bill requiring “gender-inclusive signage” for all publicly accessible single-stall bathrooms around the city has been introduced. As Baltimore has seen a steady decrease in population (the latest census showing it lost 7,300 people) the bills aim is said to make Baltimore a more welcoming and inclusive city. Just a heads up, people are not leaving Baltimore because of “non inclusive bathrooms”, they are leaving because of the violence and taxes and general mismanagement.

As I`m writing this the local news is reporting a stabbing death as well as 2 more shooting deaths from last night, one of which is a woman. I`m not sure the statistics in other major cities, but women being shot in Baltimore is a pretty regular occurrence. Just over the city line a 78 year old woman who sold tamales in a shopping center was also shot and killed this past week after being hit by a bullet when a man shot across the parking lot aiming for another man. Violence spilling over into the county from Baltimore residents has become commonplace with incidents at local malls becoming especially high profile incidents. After large groups of “teens” continuously caused problems at White Marsh Mall in Baltimore County, a curfew was imposed for people under 18 and discussions on whether to allow the bus lines from the city to the county also took place. This past month the Eastpoint Carnival in Baltimore County canceled the rest of it`s dates after a crowd of 1,000 people caused disturbances and fights in the surrounding neighborhoods. The White Marsh carnival which was set to take place the next week was canceled as well.

Last Wednesday, 17 year old Dawnta Harris was found guilty in the killing of Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Caprio. Dawanta and 3 other`s came from Baltimore City to the county and were in the process of robbing a house when Officer Caprio showed up. She was run over and killed when Dawante tried to get away. As for the violence in general, Baltimore County Councilman Todd Crandell correctly identified the problem when he said the county is “under siege by people who do not live or work here and have no idea how to act in a civil society“. Of course this was called a “racist dog whistle” by the same out of touch Baltimore City Democrat Councilman that introduced the bathroom gender sign bill. As we said here, blaming racism is a cop out, it is a disservice to both blacks and whites as it stifles legitimate conversation and prevents actual solutions.

Despite the crime and violence that continues to spill over into Baltimore County from the city, they continue to expand their section 8 housing program and take residents from Baltimore City. This will do nothing but ensure Baltimore County`s transition into Baltimore City, as the new influx of democrat voters will guarantee it being run by an out of touch democrat clusterf*ck. Again, this is why we advocate legal political activism here at Label 56. When you do not take part in politics you allow people who do not represent your best interests to control you. Get out and Be Active.

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