Farage, Le Pen, Salvini & More, Populist Parties Win Across EU

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Farage, Le Pen, Salvini & More, Populist Parties Win Across EU

France, Italy, Hungary, The U.K., and more, the EU elections saw a surge of populist parties winning in elections. While Italy and Hungary were pretty much predicted, most notably and importantly Nigel Farage and the Brexit party won in the U.K. Another very important victory came in France where Marine Le Pen beat out Emmanuel Macron. Populist parties made gains in several other countries as well. Read more here

Following on the heels of Trump`s win in the U.S., Bolsonaro in Brazil, Morrison in Australia, and even Narendra Modi in India, the surge of populist candidates winning elections has the globalists in a panic. Their experiment is failing and nationalist governments are reclaiming their countries. This is how you get things done, not by marching around in costumes and attacking innocent people. The natural order is being corrected and you have to question those that disrupt it.

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