Maryland Death Fest Is Really A Maryland Snowflake Fest

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Maryland Death Fest Is Really A Maryland Snowflake Fest

Maryland Death Fest, or MDF as it`s called, is an annual Memorial Day weekend concert / fest bringing in death, black, and thrash metal bands from around the world. I had gone to several shows in the past when they were outside in the Edison lot, but since they cancelled that and moved solely to the inside venue I have not been back. I`ve never seen anyone have any problems there, and even saw several Label 56 stickers stuck around the lot. After seeing the post below, I am glad I have not wasted any more money supporting this event. The screenshot is allegedly from a paying customer who went to the pre show at the Ottobar and says they were thrown out because a security guard was triggered by one of their patches. It looks like Maryland Death Fest is really a Maryland Snowflake Fest. I hope none of you are going to MDF and supporting this pussification of the metal scene. Furthermore, any bands that support this assjackery should lose your support as well. The question is- What should MDF be called from now on? I kind of like Maryland Douche Fest.

Edited: A more in depth article has been posted here


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