Identity Dixie: Stay Positive

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Identity Dixie: Stay Positive

The following was posted on the Rebel Yell facebook page and reinforces a message we`ve always pushed- Stay Positive and Be Active

Stop with the nihilism and pessimism from the younger guys. Some of these guys are so blackpilled that their understanding of the world around them is a complete fabrication and fantasy.

For example, someone that says Southern culture is dead and all our people are drug addicts, Tribe worshippers, Honey Boo Boo stand-ins, foolish, etc. Granted, there’s some truth to that, but not everyone by a longshot.

Our young guys live on the internet and have never been to their local salt fish breakfast, hung out at the hunt club or even know their grandparents. They’re being gas lighted into nihilism because of these blinders they’ve put on. It leads to a bad place. The “all is lost” mindset is completely destructive. Stay positive or there is no future for our people.


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