Democrat Leader Ocasio-Cortez: “Fake Accents” & Talking With Food In Her Mouth Is An Embarrassment

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Democrat Leader Ocasio-Cortez: “Fake Accents” & Talking With Food In Her Mouth Is An Embarrassment

Democrat leader Ocasio-Cortez is being called out for using what many have called a fake accent at a recent event hosted by race hustler Al Sharpton. Speaking in front of a crowd of mostly African Americans she did her best Hillary Clinton-esque accent switch (watch here) while proclaiming that there`s nothing wrong with folding clothes and preparing food. The comments which were based around support for the working class were rather ironic seeing as how she was one of the main antagonists in running off Amazon and New York subsequently losing thousands of jobs.

In response to accusations that she used a fake accent, democrat leader Ocasio-Cortez proclaimed that she is from the Bronx and acts and talks like it when she is home and fired up and went on to complain that it is so hurtful that people criticize her. On her origins, twitter quickly fired back with users stating that she grew up in Westchester, one of the whitest and wealthiest places in America. One thread in particular that was rather amusing had commenters saying things like “I saw a movie in 1993 called “A Bronx Tale” Even though I’m Australian I’m pretty sure this makes me half Bronxite.”, “I drove through the Bronx on 95 on my way to NJ a few times. I am from the Bronx too I guess” and “I am geographically fluid…so today we am from then Bronx too.You can read them all here.

This was her second embarrassment of a performance in as many days. Just 2 nights prior she went live on instagram while drinking wine, building furniture and rambling about climate change. If that video wasn`t bizarre enough, the fact that she was eating in the process and talking with her mouth full was just disgusting. What`s even worse / more hilarious is that CNN actually ran a story on this saying “Ocasio-Cortez makes history assembling IKEA furniture”. As for democrat leader Ocasio-Cortez herself, like we said hereHawaii`s democrat senator Mazie Hirono once said democrats can`t connect to people because they are too smart. We`ll just keep letting them think that lol.”



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