“White Saviours” Attacked At The Oscars. It`s Time To Stop Virtue Signaling

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“White Saviours” Attacked At The Oscars. It`s Time To Stop Virtue Signaling

Ahh the Oscars, the annual national gathering for Hollywood social justice warriors to reward other social justice warriors for being social justice warriors. Well, apparently not so much anymore. While social justice has indeed taken over the main focus for awards and pushed aside actual acting or quality of screenplays, it appears that white social justice warriors are no longer welcome. The biggest controversy for the social justice crowd came when The Green Book won best picture. An article in USA Today titled “Green Book’ should never have won the best picture Oscar. Here’s why” makes the complaint that the movie only portrays race from a white point of view. It goes on to say it`s “… the wrong choice on a night where (Spike) Lee stood exultant with the first non-honorary Oscar of his long career and Hannah Beachler of “Black Panther” became the first African-American woman to win for production design. “Green Book” ending the ceremony triumphant was odd, a dunderheaded decision at worst and a dull one at best. (Also, if your movie is about race relations, maybe don’t have your trophy-room pictures be only of white filmmakers?)”

Another event at the Oscars set off a social justice warrior firestorm. What was it? Did someone use a derogatory term for a poc? Did someone culturally appropriate their hairstyle? Not quite. The outrage was over “white saviour” Chris Evans helping Regina King up the stairs to get her award after her dress got caught on her chair. While a normal person would see this act as him simply being a gentlemen, the radical left are making it clear that as a white man, your gentlemen-ness is no longer welcome. And in the case of race relations in general, as evidenced by Green Book, neither is the virtue signaling. They`ll never accept you no matter how bad you sell your own out and eventually the oscars and rewards for it will stop, so quit trying to appease them.





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