“Africa Rise Up”. Immigrant Sets Bus Full Of Kids On Fire In Italy. National Media Silent

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“Africa Rise Up”. Immigrant Sets Bus Full Of Kids On Fire In Italy. National Media Silent

A man who immigrated to Italy from Senegal in 2004 was arrested Wednesday after setting a bus full of children on fire. 51 people in total were on the bus when the driver, 47 year old Ousseynou Sy took them hostage in an ordeal that lasted over a half hour as they were being shuttled between their school and a gym. It is reported that he poured gas all over the inside of the bus and threatened to set it on fire telling them “no one will survive today” while ordering the chaperones to take everyone`s phones and bind the children`s hands with zip ties. Despite this there were people who were able to call the police who responded and were able to distract him long enough for the people to escape out the back. It`s not sure why Ousseynou was able to be given a job driving a children`s school bus in the first place as his past record show convictions for drunk driving and child molestation.

The reported motivation for the attack was to protest those who lost their lives at sea trying to immigrate from Libya to Europe. Police say it was premeditated as he bought and filled the gas can and bought zip tie restraints prior, as well as “sent a video to friends in Italy and Senegal indicating plans for a bold action and with the message, Africa, Rise up,” Despite this attempt to burn to death a bus full of children in a premeditated terrorist attack, there has been no outrage from the talking heads in the national media. The double standards are getting sickeningly apparent..

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