“I`m Watching You White Boy” & “Should White Boys Be Allowed To Speak”. Mainstreaming Racism In College Newspapers

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“I`m Watching You White Boy” & “Should White Boys Be Allowed To Speak”. Mainstreaming Racism In College Newspapers

No matter how much they try to disguise it as social justice, it`s no secret that the radical left hates “F*cking white males!”. College campuses, which are institutions steeped in extreme marxist propaganda, are ground zero for churning out hatred of whites and western civilization, alongside some of their other favorites like anti semitism, anti capitalism, etc. While not only trying to absolve this anti white racism as “social justice”, the claims are made that poc can`t be racist at all because they “don`t have power” and therefore are free to espouse racism anywhere and everywhere. No matter how they try to absolve themselves of it or explain it away though, racism is simply based on race, and there is nothing more asinine, disingenuous and hypocritical than a racist person claiming they aren`t racist because of some made up standard. If they are looking for the correct word they should use oppression, as being able to oppress someone does require a power over them to do so. Racism on the other hand, not so much. Such reasons are used however for the justification of the publication of racist articles and exhibits the complete double standards of “racism”.

Two recent articles in college publications highlight this double standard. One titled “Evil Is Banal“, written by Isis Davis Marks ( contact info- isis.davis-marks@yale.edu ) uses the lines “I`m watching you white boy” in it`s closing. The article itself advocates spying on white people and finding things to be offended about, then collecting these micro aggressions as photos / screenshots in order to harass and ruin the lives of those white people in the future. It appeared in the Yale Daily News.

Another article appeared in the Dicksonian earlier this month. This one by Leda Fisher titled “Should White Boys Be Allowed To Talk?” doesn`t even have any academic purpose. With lines like “I am so g****mned tired of listening to white boys” and “So, should white boys still be allowed to share their “opinions”? Should we be forced to listen? … I’m gonna go with a hell no“, it is evident it is nothing more than her espousing her negative, prejudiced and stereotyped opinions of white people. It`s pretty obvious that somewhere along her academic journey that she decided her search for intellectual validation was more important than the actual exchange of information. There is currently a petition to have her expelled.

Again, when it comes to racism these articles go right alongside any other instance of racism that they claim white people are guilty of. However, when they disguise that racism as social justice they are able to attack while deflecting criticism, which in fact gives them POWER. They then take that POWER and use it to actively oppress whites on college campuses. If these college “intellectuals” want to talk about racism, power and oppression, they need to take a look in the mirror. Furthermore, this is the power and oppression that they want to bring to the everyday world that exists outside of college campuses, where whites are silenced and oppressed in the name of social justice.

As we`ve said many times in the past-

Racism, hate crimes and discrimination exists across all borders. The denial of civil rights for any group or class of people only ensures their exploitation and victimization. Civil rights and the right to represent your people is not something that should only be afforded to “minorities”. We need legitimate organizations working alongside the Black Caucasus and NAACP, CAIR, La Raza etc in D.C. For the past 30 – 40 years those who were supposed to be representing European Americans have said don`t vote, don`t get involved in the system because it doesn`t represent us. What did we get for our alienation? Exactly the nothing we have now. That needs to change. The more you advocate doing nothing because you don`t like the way the laws work against us the more you allow the system to exploit us and discriminate against us. Get out and get involved.”

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