Gary Martin & The White Male Shooter Myth

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Gary Martin & The White Male Shooter Myth

“Mass shooters are predominately white male”. That`s the line trotted out by the radical left over and over. Combine that with some biased media coverage and you`ll find that among the general population it is generally looked upon as fact. The fact is however, it`s not. It`s just another bit of propaganda the marxist`s use in their culture war. As shown in the photo below, the mass shooting by Gary Martin who killed 5 people and injured 5 policemen at his workplace in Illinois is just the latest in a long list of non white mass shooters. We ask you to look at the photo and think about the narrative put forward. How many of these have you heard about or still hear about? Why are some mass shootings given coverage while many others aren`t? We`ll almost bet that anytime the mass shooting issue is raised, Gary Martin and all of these other guys will go unmentioned.

As far as the list goes, one person not included on it is Nikolas Cruz. Cruz is obviously of a mixed racial background, however the radical left still refers to him as white to push their narrative. And as far as that narrative goes, gun control is always the accompanying agenda in it. It should be noted that in Illinois where the Gary Martin mass shooting happened, there are already some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, and aside from this isolated event, Chicago, Illinois itself is one giant open air mass shooting range, the same as democrat run Baltimore. Baltimore has extremely strict gun control laws as well, yet there have been over 80 shootings so far this year. This past Thursday there were 15 shootings in 24 hours.

Just keep these things in mind the next time the marxist propaganda comes your way and call it out when you see it. The same goes for Samuel Little, Frederick Demond Scott, and the “serial killers are white males” myth.


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