A Lesson In Economics. Panera Closes It`s Last “Pay What You Can Afford” Store

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A Lesson In Economics. Panera Closes It`s Last “Pay What You Can Afford” Store

The last of Panera Bread`s “pay what you can afford” store is closing. The stores called Panera Cares were created with the goal of not turning anyone away even if they didn`t pay 1 cent. In other words they could eat for free. Panera assumed that other customers would pick up the slack and basically subsidize those who couldn`t afford it. Let`s take the results of this experiment and relate it to the socialist model that is being advocated today.

As you might expect, the freeloaders poured in. Highschool students were coming in everyday after school, the homeless were eating there everyday, all to take advantage of food that was “free”. In the socialist government model this would be the same, everyone would be able to get what they want for free, except instead of voluntary subsidization, it would be mandatory through taxes. At Panera Bread, they soon realized that this “free” model wasn`t working. They couldn`t afford to keep feeding all of these freeloaders and slowly began implementing rules to get the “free” meals. They began rationing meals. They turned away anyone drunk or on drugs, limited students to after school hours, and told the homeless they were no longer allowed to come every day for every meal. In short, the customers weren`t paying because they believed a billion dollar company could afford to give away a few “free” meals. This is the next step in socialist governments- they begin limiting what is “free”. Even though the socialist government model enacts extreme taxes on those who they believe can afford to subsidize “free”, eventually you run out of other people`s money. The final step in this experiment is that the last of the Panera Cares store will be closing tomorrow. The difference between the Panera Store and government however is that government doesn`t close. Socialist government doubles down and uses the military to keep control as laid out in our previous postMeet The New Commies, Same As The Old Commies. The Holodomor & Democratic Socialism“.

Next time you hear a politician talking about free healthcare, free housing, free college tuition, etc, keep in mind how subsidization / socialism worked for Panera bread, and imagine it on a much larger scale that affects your daily life.

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