Democrat Party Leader Ocasio-Cortez Says World Will End In 12 Years Because Of Global Warming

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Somehow or other the world has managed to make it past the previous predicted dates of world ending mass flooding and environmental catastrophe due to global warming. This past weekend however, democrat party leader Ocasio- Cortez has given us the dire news that the world is now finally going to end in just 12 years because of global warming. Speaking like a confused 12 year old girl, she then went on to declare it was our world war 2.

New York`s mistake has become a darling of the left and mass media because they think she gets under the skin of Republicans and “scares them”. Well, that last part is partly true. We look at her and realize that yes it is scary that someone so functionally illiterate can actually have been elected to office. It is good however that mass media thinks this way because in doing so (as the democrat party leader) they keep giving her more and more air time for her to make stupid statements for everyone to laugh at. Hawaii`s democrat senator Mazie Hirono once said democrats can`t connect to people because they are too smart. We`ll just keep letting them think that lol.

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