Dat Legacy: Obama`s Operation Chokepoint Unmasked

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In our recent Label 56 Morning News Brief, I talked about how the banks and credit card companies were denying service to businesses opposite their ideology in an effort to keep them from raising funds to use against them in the culture war. This denial of service practice includes Label 56 as well as many other independent record labels and businesses. You can listen to that here. The origins of this practice originated in what was called Operation Chokepoint, and now even more information is being uncovered on just how corrupt it was / is.

In the past we`ve also posted about how his administration used the IRS to target conservative groups, wrapping them up in lawsuits and targeting them financially to keep them from organizing and running Republican candidates. In that case it was straight out election interference and collusion. As more and more corruption is uncovered, the public has every right to know the depths of corruption from the “only president to never have a scandal”. As for Operation Chokepoint, in short it was the hidden practice of financial terrorism used by 44′s administration against businesses and banks they considered to be political enemies. A few lines about this below from the article here:

Newly-unsealed court documents released today show evidence of the federal government’s illegal Operation Choke Point program in which top government officials and federal agencies pressured banks to cut all ties with lawful businesses. More than 100 records expose depositions and damaging emails of government officials, most notably at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), who executed a secretive campaign against lawful businesses it disfavored while ignoring due process and subverting the legal and regulatory process. This illegal campaign included threats from senior government officials that agency staff would be fired and bank officials could be subject to criminal prosecution. The key findings disclosed in the filing indicate that this campaign was instituted at the very highest levels of the FDIC and has been ruthlessly and enthusiastically implemented in the field:

It goes on to say

“These documents reveal a shocking abuse of power and conspiracy to single out an industry and bring it to its knees, something far away from a regulatory agency’s requirement to proceed according to the rule of law and due process,” said Dennis Shaul, CEO of the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA). “Despite hearing statements to the contrary from government officials for years, these records prove that there was an intentional and targeted campaign to carry out an illegal policy. If personal preference and subjectivity is the guide for regulation, an awful precedent is set and there is no end to the interests that can be targeted – pro-choice groups, environmental causes, religious groups and many more.”

You can read the entire article here.

You can read another article from the Washington Examiner discussing this here.

Despite this being a practice started under the Obama administration, it is still being employed today against legally run businesses. It is an illegal violation of rights carried out based on personal bias and it needs to end.

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