Media Defines Race Based On Their Agenda

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The way race is portrayed in mass media has made it more and more apparent that there is an agenda behind the reporting. Scrolling through my facebook feed this morning I passed this post celebrating “Bubba” Wallace for being a black driver in Daytona. Bubba is actually a mixed race man with a very light complexion, born to a white father and black mother. But never mind that, he is being used to fit an agenda so they say he is black. Compare that to the coverage of George Zimmerman and most recently Nikolas Cruz from earlier this week. Both of these individuals are referred to as white. Mass media even went so far as to claim a guy named Nikolas de Jesus Cruz, an obviously mixed race mentally ill individual who had a middle eastern guy as as main commenter on his instagram, who then went on to kill a bunch of white people, was a white supremacist. As unbelievable as this sounds, mass media ran with this story after the adl put it out. As it turned out the information was not correct and a spokesman for the Leon County Sheriff’s Office in Tallahassee confirmed there were no known ties between Cruz and white nationalists. Such accusations come as no surprise as “anti racist” organizations have been known to put out false info to advance their cause and increase funding. Whats ironic about the adl publishing that he was a white supremacist, is that cnn has since ran a story where Cruz stated he has a Jewish mother which makes him biologically Jewish. In the end none of this matters however. What matters is that mass media would rather push an agenda than have people engaged in an honest discussion to create real solutions.

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