Another Fake Hate Crime: Jewish New York Man Spray Painted Swastikas On His Own House

Posted by Label56 in Politics

In yet another case in a long list of fake hate crimes being blamed on Trump supporters (see more here), a Jewish man in New York has been arrested for allegedly spray painting swastikas on his own house. Aside from this man creating his own troubles with the law, these fake allegations that white people are vandalizing properties and attacking others based on their race does nothing more than cause even more divisions in society by fostering an unjustified hatred against whites based on those false allegations. Mass media already sensationalizes anything that has to do with white identity no matter how positive it may be and tries to tie it back to something that is hateful and intolerant. Just like any other race, we have legitimate issues that affect us as a people and need to have an equal say in politics based on those issues. We also need our own political and civil rights organizations and representatives. Anyone involved in such activities as vandalism or violent attacks whether fake or real are a hindrance to us being taken seriously and being addressed in any kind of political arena. We will continue to expose them as well as the biased reporting that comes with it.

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