American Guard Indiana / MAGA Rally

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Via American Guard Facebook

A handful of American Guard members from Indiana joined by representatives from Illinois and Missouri, as well as other allied groups, did security for the Indianapolis MAGA march today. Indiana antifa groups had vowed to “shut the march down before it ever began” and commit violence against the women, children and elderly people who planned the event and were in attendance. They made threats to the point where they actually frightened off the previous security force that had volunteered. We stepped in and guaranteed these good people that we would take responsibility for getting them to the capital, through their events, and back to their vehicles safely. No matter what it took. In all fairness, despite some passive aggressive attempts to disrupt and cause confusion at the statehouse, the Indianapolis police dept. did offer an escort for the march and did a great job overall. We saw one young woman who screamed during most of the speeches until she was engaged in a political conversation she was obviously unequipped for, then she basically just hung out and flirted. We saw a creep guy taking pics who we confronted and he denied being antifa and left, and we saw their leader who had promised to shut the thing down, standing behind a police line, I still went over and confronted him and to be quite honest i think he was a “challenged” person so i left it be. It was a great day but we are just getting started.

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