Everyone Hates Antifa

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This is a great article from Metal Insider. People everywhere are getting fed up with antifa`s cowardly actions and fascist dictates. And btw, fuck napalm death.

Blastfest cancelling Peste Noire is not the problem, Antifa is

“Once again, metal is the target of political agendas interfering with artistic expression and freedom of speech under the flag of violent threats, oppression and false pretenses of justice.

This censorship attempt by Antifa is a violation to the freedom of artistic expression; to the right of hold and convey opinions through any media and clear revelation of their backwards mentality to their so-called beliefs. It can be argued that Blastfest should have resisted and go its own way to keep its head up and support their own customers, their artists and their own proclaimed principles, but once the facts and realities of the bigger picture arrive, things had to change. Sure, there has been other instances of promoters, festivals or events that successfully stood their ground and remained tall to the hollow threats, but not everyone has the same set of arms to do it.

There is a reason for anger here but it should not be directed to those who put their livelihood in peril just to maintain a certain echelon among the elite; that anger should be directed to those who target extreme music supporters to mold them to their own convenience. That’s the real enemy and the one that should be dealt with and eliminated from this and any other scene.”

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