Double Standards On College Campuses

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A wave of cultural marxism and anti white discrimination has swept through college campuses across the US. The discrimination not only has gone so far as to deny European Americans their own advocacy groups alongside every other ethnicity, but it has even gone so far as to outright deny us involvement in group activities. Social justice warrior groups attack and insult White people in ways that would cause national outrage and calls for the expulsion if the roles were reversed. In a rather ironic turn of events, college students are even segregating themselves now so as not to be around Whites. The discrimination and hatred does not stop at the student body however, even college courses are attacking Whites.

With all of the above mentioned examples, it should come as a no brainer that White Europeans on college campuses need to organize on their behalf to advocate for their own sake. Identity Europa is one such group that has been picking up the banner and a recent campaign at a California college has drawn the scorn and hatred of the anti white student body as well as the biased mass media. In this mass media interview all the buzz words come out- white supremacist, hate speech, racially charged, etc. Despite all the backlash against us, we need to continue the fight against cultural marxism and keep up the political advocacy on our behalf. Those opposed to White Identity will stop at nothing to unconditionally oppress us.

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